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How to install deep freeze in mandriva 2008

Link to this post 22 Sep 09

create 4 scripts. The first script call and write this:


cd /
cd /home/administrador/Escritorio
sudo -S cp -rfp congela /etc/init.d
sudo -S cp -rfp num-up /etc/init.d
cd /
cd /etc/init.d
sudo -S chown root:root congela
sudo -S chmod 755 congela
sudo -S chown root:root num-up
sudo -S chmod 755 num-up
cd /
cd /etc/rc2.d
sudo -S ln -s /etc/init.d/congela ./S20congela
sudo -S ln -s /etc/init.d/num-up ./S20num-up
cd /
cd tmp
mkdir congelado
cd /
cd /home/administrador
sudo -S tar -cpPf /home/administrador/backup-congelado.tar /home/congelado


rm -rf /tmp/congelado
mkdir /tmp/congelado
mv /home/congelado /tmp/congelado
tar -xpPf /home/administrador/backup-congelado.tar /home/congelado
echo "Modulo de resguardo cargado..."



cd /
cd /home/laboratorio
sudo -S umount Documentos
cd /
cd /home/administrador
sudo -S rm -rf backup-laboratorio.tar
sudo -S tar -cpPf /home/administrador/backup-laboratorio.tar /home/laboratorio

and then


for tty in /dev/tty[1-9]*; do
setleds -D +num < $tty
echo "Modulo numlock cargado..."

Analize this if you don't understand just ask.

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