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When meego can be used default in mobile phones?

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Meego is already being used in the Nokia N900 phone. In the USA it is only available through T-Mobile, which doesn't have the coverage I need. In the EU, where there are much better networks, It's a very popular phone.

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Do you mean that it is being shipped on new phones or are you referring to the fact that there is a beta image for the N900 phones?

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Oops, I think I confused Maemo for Meego. This is what happens when you scan IRC logs and don't read closely. I have an acquaintance from Holland who has a N900. I always thought he was talking about Meego. Derp.

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The current meego images and installation instructions are available at

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@Goineasy9: Don't confuse people, currently all N900 uses Maemo.

@mfillpot: yes, you can download and install MeeGo on N900, but it still has different problems and is not very usable, it is more dedicated to early testers and developers.

@hoseini: It's not clear when it will be used by default in mobile phones, because currently there is no phone that is dedicated for that OS, only N900 which has no official support from Nokia. You can check what are MeeGo 1.2 release plans here
Looks like that first phone with MeeGo OS will be released only next year (probably in the beginning of summer).

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