MEPIS-C Release 1

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MEPIS-C (current version Mark-2) is a remaster of SimplyMEPIS 8.0.06. It focuses on teaching Linux usage, programming (general, system and network), networking and security concepts. In this sense it contains a comprehensive collection of free documentation and utilities. Despite its primary goal of teaching, it should remain a useful tool for professionals in the given fields as well.
Last but not least, it features the SquashFS-LZMA compression, which increases usable space by 200+ MB compared to the plain SquashFS.


  • G++, Sphinx C--, Dev-C++


  • KHexEdit, HTE, KDbg, GDB, NTCore Explorer Suite, OllyDbg

  • Wicd, Wireshark, Tor/Privoxy (unconfigured), Snort

  • Wine, 7-Zip FM, UHARC, Krusader, MC

  • BFI, MKBT, QEMU/Qemulator

  • Expert Guide (NG doc viewer), KCHMViewer

  • Flawfinder (C/C++ code security)

Does NOT Contain:

  • Amarok, digiKam (I'd install Winamp and IrfanView IIWY)


  • Kino, K/MPlayer

  • Mepis Network Assistant (due to conflicts with Wicd)

  • KOrganizer, JBidWatcher, KMail


Final Words:
The MEPIS-C project is only at its start, and your support is needed.
Feedback, suggestions, criticism and any other kind of help are most welcome. M2 (probably) has a lot of bugs, poorly configured software and garbage in /etc. Future versions are planned to have more network/security-related content. So there's a lot to improve and fine tune.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find MEPIS-C useful.

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I am going to have to give MEPIS-C a spin, since I am a big MEPIS and antiX fan, and I have had VERY GOOD results with many of the derivatives and respins that I have tried so far. Thanks for posting about it here; I managed to overlook it somehow until now; I aim to correct that!

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Hmm, I do not see MEPIS-C in the location mentioned. Can it be found elsewhere?

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