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Best DE for a dual monitor setup

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I've been messing around with a dual monitor setup as late, without too much success. I managed to get a non-cloned output on Ubuntu (using gnome), but the gnome panels refused to spread/appear on my second screen and the resolutions refused to play nice (my laptop screen wouldn't change to a widescreen resolution). I resorted to desklets to gain functionality on that screen, but they were insanely buggy...

But then an idea popped in my head, what about KDE? Plasmoids have served me pretty well in the past, and maybe its panels will budge.. So I pop in a Mandriva disk, and everything seems to work, so I try to get the screens to not clone eachother, but no luck. Xrandr just doesn't want to play along, and the desktops stay clones no matter what. Now I don't know if it's just my stupidity or something that hasn't been implemented under KDE, but it pretty much killed my enthusiasm for Dual screen under linux..

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I always had good luck running duel screens of different resolutions using the NVIDIA proprietary drivers. However when running Ubuntu I was unable to install the NVIDIA drivers.

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Oh yes, I should have mentioned that I'm using an integrated Intel card :S That might be the source of my mandriva/kde problems, but everything else runs surprisingly well

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I really want to be a linux geek but I just can't without dual monitors. I have been beating my head against this wall now for a few months. I wish it would work! :S

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We're using a dual monitor setup for most of our programmers at work. I bought them some cheap Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 cards and installed the proprietary Nvidia driver. After that I just used the nvidia-settings utility to set the dual monitor configuration up. They are typically using GNOME and haven't had any issues at all. I would suggest spending the $30.00 or $40.00 on an Nvidia card and going that route.

Actually, now that I think about it I did end up having to install an older version of the Nvidia driver because the cards I used had such an old chipset. I think I put the version 173.14.18 driver on because of this...the latest driver didn't support them. Anyhow, just wanted to mention that. You shouldn't have any problem with any of the newer Nvidia cards, however.

I've never done this in Ubuntu, but the following page may prove helpful if you go the Nvidia route:

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I agree with with buying a cheap nvidia card to do it. I've never had very good luck doing anything with the intel ones.

I personally use a laptop with two screen attached via the onboard nvidia , running fluxbox, and it works great.

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