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Incorrect screen size

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I just recently installed ubuntu 11.04 on an old Inspiron 1100 laptop. Everything works fine except it's only displaying in the upper left half of the screen. An older netbook edition displayed correctly. Any help is very appreciated,thank you.

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Are you using an external monitor?

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No I'm not using an external monitor.

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Perhaps you need to change which video driver Xorg is using? Check the config file - /etc/X11/xorg.conf - if it is using 'vesa' try 'i810' (for Intel graphics). You might also need to put the proper values for HorizSync and VertRefresh in there.

Also, i've heard removing the splash screen sometimes helps...

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The monitors resolution is correct when running Ubuntu off the flash drive. Does that mean anything.

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Sorry I'm really quite the linux newbie. Do you have any guides on how to do this.

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