Bluray on Linux.

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Has anyone worked with a internal blu-ray player and gotten it to play on Linux? I havn't tried it yet on my linux box but I recently got it working with POWER DVD 11 ultra for windows. VLC didn't run it in Windows so I am assuming it would be the same for linux. I read about trying to find the CD DRM code and all kinds of other stuff.

Is there an easy solution to legally run blu-ray on a Linux box? Let me know what you guys have experienced with it.

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There are bluray libraries and plugins for media players such as xine, but I think they only support non-encrypted media. There are cracks available on the web to play commercial bluray media on Linux systems, but they are not "legal" in that they don't have any commercial producer cachet. There is a tool called MakeMKV which will create a .mkv video file from a DRM-infested blu-ray disc, and this link provides some additional goodies/scripts so that it will use MakeMKV to extract the video, and then stream it directly to the VLC media player.

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Well that's too bad, I legally own a internal bluray player and play blurays with a program called Power DVD 11 Ultra, which has had great reviews for windows clients, i'm on a dual boot and love using linux for everything possible/stable. Why wouldn't someone make a linux version with legal bluray codecs. Shame on Sony....

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What could be better then watching the complete star wars saga on blu-ray with linux? =(

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Well, if I had a BD device on my computer, I'd probably run the videos in Windows, which I run in a Virtual Box VM. Still, it would be nice to be able to run them natively in Linux. As I understand it, the reason why they don't have "legal" BD players on Linux is because they would probably have to raise their skirts with regard to the encryption methods, as well as allow the keys into public view. The tools that can read/convert BD discs for Linux have cracked the keys, but because of ACTA, doing so is technically illegal, at least as far as I who am NOT a lawyer understands.

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Note this may be not legal in your country!

You can decrypt blu-ray using:

There's a good article:

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