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[help] remastering ubuntu become ubuntu multimedia

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dear friends..

I just working on my Final Exam to remaster ubuntu become ubuntu multimedia, i wanna u all to help me mention the best application for each function in multimedia operation,,

these are the operation that I wanted on my ubuntu multimedia

1. sound player
2. sound editor
3. sound converter
4. video player
5. video editor
6. video converter
7. drawing
8. picture editor
9. animation
10. 2D mode
11. 3D model
12 other application that you suggest

please tell me ur opinion by answring like this :
1. amarok
2. audacity
3. etc...

thank for the answer n i also need your opinion about making good multimedia remastering :)

with my pleasure

Musthofa from Indonesia

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no reply yet?

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Each person how their own opinions about what is best, and based upon your specific needs the preferred tools changes.

I would recommend checking out and testing the included applications to see what best fits your need, or you can just use ubuntu studio.

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there are more useful applications beside the multimedia packages that included in ubuntustudio, i just wanna know about applications that users almost used

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Audio editing: amarok and audacity are both good choices
Video editing: kdenlive (uses KDE), cinelerra (professional quality non-linear video editor)
Video converter: ffmpeg (only one to use, for my $$), mencoder (simpler/easier to use - not as capable as ffmpeg)

Anyway, it sounds like you are doing a remix of ubuntu studio:

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Most of the apps that is needed to turn ubuntu into a multimedia station can be found in the repositories like synapic and ubuntu software center. There are lots of media programs in opensource format, not all can be installed on ubuntu and not all are known. What you can do, which would be easier, is to go to, and in the search box, type media applications, you will get 143 links.

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