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installing and using a saa7231 TV card

Link to this post 06 Jan 10

make -i make gcc to ignore errors which doesnt help cause the error is in saa7231,....

it looks like there are missing some files ( saa7231_avis.h, saa7231_avis_req.h )

i tried to remove those files,...
which made it compile without errors but the the module dint load into kernel =(


saa7231_drv: Unknown symbol saa7231_cgu_init
saa7231_drv: Unknown symbol saa7231_device_add
saa7231_drv: Unknown symbol saa7231_i2c_exit
saa7231_drv: Unknown symbol saa7231_pci_exit
saa7231_drv: Unknown symbol saa7231_vfl_exit
saa7231_drv: Unknown symbol saa7231_pci_init
saa7231_drv: Unknown symbol saa7231_i2c_init
saa7231_drv: Unknown symbol saa7231_vfl_init
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_streamoff
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_poll_stream
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_dma_free
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_reqbufs
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_waiton
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_dqbuf
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_queue_sg_init
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_dma_unmap
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_read_stream
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_querybuf
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_qbuf
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_read_one
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_iolock
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_streamon
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_mmap_mapper
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_to_dma
saa7231_core: Unknown symbol videobuf_mmap_free

and i fear im not good enough at c to have any ideas how to fix this =(

Link to this post 09 Jan 10

Hi Martin,

how did you identify those two files (saa7231_avis.h, saa7231_avis_req.h)? I thought that the file saa7231_pci.o (or the related c or h file) is missing.



Link to this post 13 Jan 10


I wrote the developers of the driver a few days ago and they told me, that the driver is not ready for usage now. The work is still in progress and it needs some more time till we can use the code.



Link to this post 19 May 10

Does anybody knows something new about the card? I still do not find anything usefull and the card is still not working.

Link to this post 05 Mar 11

I contacted Trident Microsystems, now owner of the SAA7231 (NXP sold it off), and they flat out refused to give out any information on this chip to Linux developers. I asked them to reconsider, and they came back a day later with the same result.

So Trident Microsystems has a clear "No Linux" policy in place for the SAA7231. That's it. Linux support won't happen. The SAA7231 is for the trashcan, as is any TV card with this chip on it. That's the manufacturer's will.

Link to this post 06 Mar 11

Thank you very much for this information. It is sad to hear, that the manufacturer does not like Linux. So I have to look for a new TC card.
But thanks again four your help.



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