need help with amsn!!

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it says Mandriva 2010.2..

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I am seeing that the latest version 0.98.4 is available for mandriva, which I am assuming that you are using. If that is the case then all you can do is wait for the developers of amsn to update the application to use more recent msn protocols. However it may be very difficult for the developers to match the protocols since microsoft is not very keen about sharing information, most likely amsn is using reverse engineering to guess about communication lists which would mean that it will most likely never be right up to par.

Have you considered trying aol or googletalk for video chat?

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Yeah i agree i have never found a alternative to windows live messenger that works as well as it. Skype also have a linux version maybe give that a try!

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Yeah that one worked good for me, chatted with both video and voice with a friend who had a Mac and i had Debian i think.

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