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Plese give me some suggestion,thx

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I would like to get one cheaper converter and good enough for me novice, as i know wondershare, xili and anyvideo is not bad but the price i cannot accept. Recently there're several friends heard of a video converter named dvd to avi from audiotoolsfactory. It’s easier to operate and more practically for you, the best worthy to mention is the lower price. Especially under economic crisis, I think the shine product is easy to operate and also it has competed price. Have you got some other better converter you can recommend to me, thx!

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Hi! I think you may have meant to put this in the Video forum instead of the Audio. You may get more responses if you post it over there.

But, there are a host of video converter tools in linux. Most of them are in the respective distribution's repository. Some that I have seen good write ups before are:

Linux Video Converter



Hope that might help a little bit :)

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Which distro are you using?

I can suggest Convert-IT.
It was developed for Ubuntu, and it is just a front-end for mplayer, ffmpeg, imagemagick, ...

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