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Teach you how to rip DVD to AVI

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How to convert DVD to AVI ? This problem bothering me for a long time! Now I find a solution, i put it to share and hope there are some help to you, maybe just a bit!

1.Start the program DVD to AVI Converter,
2.Click "Add DVD" button, Select a DVD (or DVD Folder, ISO file, IFO file) in the dialog box that opens, and load it. The Loaded DVD’s information, such as chapter, title, etc., will be shown in the file list
3. Select output format, Select one or more files in the list, click Profile drop-down button, select an output format for selected files in the drop down list that opens.
4. Set output folder, click Browse button in setting panel, select a destination folder in the dialog box that opens, and click OK.
5. After all the settings, click convert button to begin convertint files. Then wait a moment, you'll have the output files that you want.
6. DVD to AVI Converter support Other functions, such as cut segment that you like, and set the output files parameter, such as subtitle, video size, video/audio quality, channels, etc.

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It's of course "not done" to promote windows software on a linux forum.... ;)
but there is good news too:
Download (HandBrake).
It is available for all major platforms.
It is capable of ripping all kinds of video (i.e. DVD's, everything ffmpeg can decode) and creates various output formats (.mkv, .ogm, .avi).
64 bit, multi processor support, threaded -> very fast.
check it out.

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As bofhorg said, don't promote Windoze applications on a Linux forum... Also, as he said, check out ffmpeg. It is, for my $$, by far the best audio/video transcoder I have ever used. It is capable of transcoding most any format into any other, and while it is a command line tool, it is multi-threaded and is a real honker on a multi-core systems. I used to use TMPGEnc on Windows for this sort of work, but ffmpeg on my Linux system is about 10x faster - what used to take 4 hours to convert, takes about 15 minutes or less now. You can also change frame-rates, aspect ratios, audio formats, embed subtitles, and a lot of other cool stuff.

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