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UA-4FX advanced mode noise

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Just bought the UA-4FX and was trying to get it working in advance mode
on a fedora 11 box. I had the same problem getting hiss noise like
nose given by a fm radio tuned to off station while playing a sound
even though the kernel recognizes the UA-4FX as usb sound device.

I was finally able to get it working. What I did was I updated the
pulseaudio to 0.9.15-14 which is the latest verion. On the fedora 11,
it can be done by yum update.

While trouble shooting, I found out that the pulseaudio installed in
the fedra 11 was unable to transfer sounds to the UA-4FX in format
24bit/44k, 48k or 96 since it had the bugs unable to handle 24bit
format. As the result of the bug, the pulseaudio transfers sound in
standard format 16bit/44k even though advance mode of UA-4FX requires
24bit/44k, 48k or 96. Miss matching sound format caused noise.

Also the alsa wiki page suggests the patch for UA-4FX but it was
already integrated to the kernel 2.26.8. As fedora 11 has the kernel
2.26.9 installed, I did not need to patch the kernel.

Link to this post 04 Jul 09

What exactly do you mean by "background noise"? Is this noise from your environment, or is it electronic noise from interference and such? If interference/electronic noise, then you probably want to check on cable routing and shielding, proximity to wireless devices (wifi, bluetooth, cellphones) or speakers, etc. If environmental, then try noise-canceling microphones.

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