Creating File Storage

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bubray do you have any Distro can you suggest other than Openfiler? i try to view the OpenFiler I think its Hard to me to make that because im new on Linux server... do you have any step by step i can follow to make this good for me? THANK YOU..

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Hi haliparotin,

I haven't used a better storage distro other than openfiler. I recommend it only in case you are going to use it for storage server.

A easy step by step installation step is available at . The distro is suited for storage and does not contain unnecessary services.

If you are looking for a reliable operating system go for redhat enterprise linux 5 or centos 5. The linux kernel supports almost all scsi disks.

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hi! bubray THANK YOU for your reply.. i try to install this Openfiler.. do you have any idea or tips can give to me like for proper settings and most of all for partion? i want to separate the OS and the File location in different harddisk.. actually i new in linux and know i try using linux for safety and secure of files.. THANK YOU in advance for your BIG help....

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I have been out of the forum for some time. Have you finished the setup. Hope everything is working fine.

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hi! bubray, i try and install but its hard to follow some step;) do you have other than openfiler? Thank you...

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You can try . I haven't used it though.

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