HELP--Network Manager Deleted

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My Recent Ubuntu 10.10 update recommended that i remove 4 programs, one of which was my network manager. Because this is gone i can no longer access the internet. The connection logo is no longer in the top-right corner either.
Any help would be much appreciated,
Thanks alot,
Carson M

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you can install it again using synaptic package manager ot

apt-get install network-manager
or you can configure you network settings in /etc/network/interfaces


auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Hope this helps

Swapnil Jain

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Did you physically remove network-manager or did you see the old version being removed at the end of the update?

You can check by running this command in the terminal:

apt-get policy network-manager

If nothing comes up you can install it again using the instructions Swapnil gave you. Although, I'm wondering what kind up update would ask for the removal of network-manager.

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Thanks A lot for the Help,
When i entered that in, it replied, "E: Invalid operation policy".
Does that mean it's completely removed?

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Sorry, you must need permissions to run that command. Try using "sudo" to set permissions. That is:

sudo apt-get policy network-manager

I haven't run a Debian based distro in a couple of years and I'm getting rusty on my apt-get's.

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Thanks for Helping,
I tried using the Synaptic approach by getting the network-manager off of the Ubuntu CD but wasnt sure how to get it. I also tried your second approach:
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
gateway 192,168,104,1
I wasnt sure on how to get the DNS Servers through another computer.
Am i supposed to run the ppoeconf command after this?

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