Internet through Motorola i335 Boost?

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I have a question. Do you need to run wvdial with sudo? I always ran it as user and it worked perfectly fine.

I also had a revelation during the posting in this thread. By going to System --> Preferences --> Network Connections and entering the phone #, password and username under Mobile Broadband, all I had to do was enable usb mode on the Treo and I was automagically online. It blew me away.
I don't know if this was because of Fedora 11's Network Manager, or, whether it is a function across all gnome based distros, but, I'm certainly happy that this thread happened. I no longer need to use wvdial.

mfillpot wrote:

I am glad that I can help. It may be a coincidence, but I was helping a windows convertee today on ubuntu and was able to use the same search results to setup his EVDO card and tethered phone (actually the EVDO card was auto-detected and auto-configured).

Yeah, auto detected and auto configured, maybe the gnome network guys have been working overtime. Also, BTW, Vista 64 doesn't have a working driver for the Palm usb device, so it doesn't work in windows, even with the Verizon software. The only way I can tether the computer is in Linux.

I'm wondering if the same Network Connections choice is in the Ubuntu Menu. Might be worth a look. You won't need to reset the baud rate and you won't have to bother with the wvdial.conf file anymore. Just a thought.

I've got to get an Ubuntu install put up as a guest in kvm so I can look at these things myself, another project for another day.

Glad your making progress, I'm glad also, because so did I.

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In my limited experience with dial-up type devices my preference is wvdial for the debugging output and options, the gui tools may be prettier but they offer little help if you are having problems and don't offer quite as many configuration options.

And yes the autoconfigure was the ubuntu people working overtime, it also helps that the sprint evdo card all login using user and the username and password. Verizon EVDO cards are another subject.

As a general rule I would say use wvdial to hone your configuration for the device to work, then transfer the settings to a gui utility.

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"It is good to see that it worked. The reason for the slow response was your baud rate which is equal to 460.80 Kbps. You may want to contact you carrier and ask what the maximum baud rate for your device is."

Yeah, it connects to the phone at that speed, but the reality is about as fast as a 14,400 modem.

"As for a clean display, depending on your chosen GUI you may want to check on gui based apps that you can use instead of wvdial, those should help to make your screen less cluttered."

Which GUI's can do this job?

The clutter to which I referred was:

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Do I need to disable echo or something? Or can I somehow redirect the response to the bit-bucket?

"I have a question. Do you need to run wvdial with sudo? I always ran it as user and it worked perfectly fine."

Apparently I do, else I get a message about pppd permissions and Firefox can't get on-line.


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The gui I'm using in Fedora is under the Menu choice in Preferences called Network Connections. When I looked up what program that is it said "nm-connection-editor". I don't know if this is the same in Ubuntu. If you search in Add/Remove Programs you should be able to see if it's installed or not.
I'm trying to find time to put Ubuntu up in kvm so I can have a look myself. I'm sorry I haven't got around to it yet.
Mfillpot's advice about wvdial is solid, maybe just setting the baud rate up high might make a difference, wvdial seems to adjust it downward automatically when it's set to high, at least that's my experience with it.
I'm probably one of the few that gets to use dialup these days, sometimes when working, the only connection to the internet is through the phone line in the fax machine. wvdial works great through the, and it works better than kppp or gppp or whatever those DM-centric ppp apps are called.
I was amazed though when I tried the Gnome app (Network Connections a.k.a. nm-connection-editor) in the menu, there was no configuration (except for Phone #, password and user name), and it automatically connected me.

BTW: The clutter you spoke of is just normal wvdial feed back, after wvdial connects, I just minimize the terminal I started it in and just use firefox as I would if it was plugged into cable.

Interesting that you can only run wvdial as root, might be a permissions problem, maybe with wvdial.conf itself. I don't have the laptop I use with wvdial handy, next time I'll see what the permissions look like on mine.

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Yes, apparently all of those things are the same here (I'm now using Linux 7 Mint).

Re: Connect speed
It takes me about 15 or 20 min's. to D/L a 1MB file. Is that normal for a cell phone tether?

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Why does it say never in the Network Connections box beside my Boost Mobile?

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