Synaptic can't find CD ROM drive

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After installing Ubuntu 8.04 on one of my machines, I added another HDD. Now Synaptic Package Manager can't find the CD in the CD ROM. It isn't even looking at the drive (the light doesn't even light up). I think it's looking at the other HDD instead. Is there a .conf file for synaptic or do I need to tweak something else?

Link to this post 24 Oct 09

Most likely it is referring to the cdrom that is configured in /etc/fstab, I recommend changing the cdrom device in your fstab file and reporting the results.

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What is on the CD you are trying to load?

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A later version of Ubuntu for one. Another one is Linux 7 Mint. Still another is MEPIS. These CD's all show up as mounted on the Desktop when I insert them. I can browse :S them with Nautilus.


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