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Cant find any wireless networks

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If they are both installed according to the hardware driver tool then the device support is available. What exactly is the current issue that you are having with interacting with your wireless card?

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You may need to install a newer kernel. 2.6.32.xx

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mfillpot, I don't know what the issue is, only that WiFi doesn't work at all from Linux, even though it works in Windows and ethernet works in Linux.

How do I install a new kernel? Is this liable to be a troublesome process, and will I lose compatibility with already-installed software?

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By checking for updates and installing all updates it should give you the newest versions of everything including the kernel.

I think the problem has to do with how ubuntu links hardware, it should work, but doesn't. You should report this to the ubuntu developers so they can troubleshoot their processes. The instructions for reporting problems are at

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Try using " wifi-radar ". If its not available in your repository, download it from some where. It will allow you to select your wireless network, enter WEP key, and switching to network available. More details can be found here:

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Syed Muhammad Shahbaz

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David, sorry I've been terribly busy and wasn't able to get back to you. Matt is probably right, you probably just need a kernel upgrade. What version of Ubuntu are you running?

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