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Configuration DNS server BIND9 on on Debia 6

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I'm doing a project which is installing and configuring BIND 9 and Apache 2 to set up my website from my debian 6.

The question is the following, my ISP provide me a public IP 201.199.xx.xx and in my Debian in the interface eth0 I have setup with the local IP 192.168.xx.xx.
Which IP I should be set my DNS server (BIND9) to publish my website.

Please your help and support


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192.168.x.x is only accessible from your private network. If your DNS resolves to 192.168.x.x nobody but whoever is in your private network will be able to access your webpage


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Thanks Marc,

Then, if I configure my DNS server with the IP 192.168.xx.xx, only the users for my private network may see my webpage, then I need to configure one zone with my public IP 201.199.xx.xx to my DNS server can be viewed from internet users.

I think that I need to create in my bind the data base for my private network db.192.168.xx.xx and public network db.201.199.xx and db.mydomain.xx.xx to both user (intenet and private network ) can view my webpage.

Then, I create these databases in my BIND9 but which other files in bind9. Do I need to edit to configure it well in my bind server?

I appreciate any help.


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I'm sorry I can't help, I don't know how bind9 works... :S

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Are you trying to transfer all data on he incoming web connection to the server by server name such as or are you trying to route all of the incoming http (port 80) traffic to your domain to the single http server.

If you are routing my name you might want to consider placing the web server into a DMZ with a designated bind server into the DMZ. If you are routing all port 80 requests to web ip to the specific server then you may want to look into port forwarding on your firewall to direct the specific traffic.

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