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how to reach beyond NAT

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I have two public IP machines(PU-IP1 and PU-IP2). One in home and other in remote location.

The other public IP (PU-IP2) shares Internet to a local area network(3 machines). They are assigned private IP's.

Will it be possible to reach the private address of the machines with public IP (PU-IP1) from home?

All machines are linux ubuntu.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi There,

there are a couple of options for this to works:

If you want to use your public IP Address, you could use port forwarding. You could forward specific ports on the public host IP to one of your internal/private machines on the LAN.

The above way of using NAT exposes your private machines to the internet, so it might not be what you want.

Another way would be to establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel between the two public hosts. OpenVPN is one product that can establish VPN's between two or more hosts. What it does is, create a tunnel through the internet between your two public hosts and extends your private network. You can encrypt the tunnel and your private hosts would not directly be exposed to the internet.

have a look at the following guides:

Hope this helps a bit to get started...

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