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Linux version of Active Directory?

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Question, when running a linux server, is there any linux version of an active directory tree? Specifically the ability to manage the accounts and security rules in depth like in a windows active directory environment, is there anything comparable or is it strictly a windows server function?

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You can use a LDAP server for centralized authentication, but the group policies only exist in Active directory. So there is no single solution to replace active directory.

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Now there's an idea, if someone was able to create a native Linux based active directory, then the need for a windows server would drop dramatically in many corporate areas.

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Active Directory is an LDAP server. You can install OpenLDAP and use that on your network instead of AD, usually... :-)

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There are some corporation that have Linux based replacements and compatibility packs for Active directory, unfortunately those are nearly as expensive are running a windows based server.

Richard, I recommend setting up an ldap directory for testing you will see that it can offer more power than AD when it comes to user and computer verification.

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