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I have a "Red" icon on the screen. Left click, "Enable Networking" is checked. then a brief message apperas on the screen: "Network Disconnected-You Are Now Offline". I tried "Network Connections", wired, nothing, DSL, "DSL Connection 4" , (this is the connection at the router) "ADD" "Save", the location of the "RED" icon had a arrow going in a circle showing the system was trying, icon remains "RED".
As I stated before, the networking is active and ok on the Windows OS.

Link to this post 09 Aug 11

Can you give us the output of "ifconfig".

Go to a terminal, and just type "ifconfig" (without quotes), then hit enter and copy the output to a post here. You might want to paste the output to a file, put it on a sub stick and then copy paste it here after booting up into an OS that has internet access.

ifconfig will show us what you have, even if internet is not running.

To save time, after copying the output of ifconfig, you can run:

ifup eth0

then run ifconfig again and copy that to a second file, or at the bottom of the origional file and post it at the same time. Let's see if we can get a response by manually trying to start the networking.

Link to this post 09 Aug 11

I'm not able to paste the results of "imconfig" ,I took a photo of the results, also not able to attatch it to this post. If you have e-mail, I can send you the photo.

Link to this post 09 Aug 11

You could post the picture here. Just use the image file attachment at the bottom of the post screen. If that's problematic, goineasy9 at if you need to use email.

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Tom, can you post the image on this thread so we can all see the results?

Link to this post 09 Aug 11

As soon as I receive it I'll post it.

I just saw it in gmail, I'm posting. On my way to Dentist, I'll review later.

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