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I am aware "wicd' means: "Wireless Interface Connection Daemin". However, I have a "Wired" connection with Linux Mint 11. I want to load wicd and see if I can again go on line. Looking on line, (On another PC), I note "wicd-client-n'" is suggested for use to apply wicd.
What is recommended for such a task ?

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hello!!! guys!!!

i am using backtrack 5, recently dual-booted with my windows.I have stuck up with my morzilla in linux.Its showing that all connection is Okay!!! i m getting message connected with my wired connection,but as soon as i start search in my morzilla it shows a message. "problem loading the page".

please can anyone help me out with this problem.!

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@jazzycool Please start another thread with your question. Putting a question at the bottom of an existing thread will not get you many answers.

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