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Can anyone please tell me what is the technical/non technical difference between [B]quagga[/B] and [B]zebra[/B] routing platform ? and if any one knows other open source routing platform other than [I]quagga, zebra, xrop, vyatta[/I]. I will be very thankful to you.

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Link to this post 05 Jul 10

IT looks like quagga just has a more active development community and supports a few more protocols than zebra, the supported protocols will be listed in the associated links.

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Most of the "firewall" linux distros will also offer routing functionality. I'm fond of vyatta, mostly because the also offer a hardware option, and a VM (gret for inter-VLAN routing in a large VM environment).

Also, something to consider is what kind of hardware you intend to use. For example, if you can / want to use a small device, there's always OpenWRT, Tomato, DDWRT, FreeWRT, etc.

Another interesting project to look at is Mikrotik (not completely free).

Also, Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive list:

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