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Ralink RT3070 not responding

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Hi everybody: Newbie here with first question. I have been reading for the past 2 days trying to configure Ralink RT3070 USB\ wireless card with not much success. I am using SliTaz downloaded image in a Dell D610 Laptop after it crashed with WinXP a few days ago. The system recognizes the wireless using Hardware detection and drivers, but this is the info

Detected USB devices Kernel modules
802.11 n WLAN
sh: rt3070sta-firmware: unknown operand
! Missing module: rt2870sta
sed: unmatched ' / '

Forgot to indicate that the Laptop has a PCI wireless card (Broadcom chip) that i assume is active.
Any help given on this matter will be deeply appreciated. Thanks

Link to this post 23 Jul 10

What command or commands yielded the output that you displayed?

Link to this post 23 Jul 10

Maybe the OP is trying to set up a plug-in USB wireless card before disabling the pci broadcom card. Maybe giving us the output of:

lspci | grep -i broad

lsusb | grep 802

might give us a better idea of what your working with.

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Hi: Just went to System Tools, Hardware Detection and Drivers, entered root password and hit Discover PCI/USB Devices.


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Hi: at lspci | grep -i broad command I get ""02 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corp. Netxtreme BCM 5751 PCI Express
03: Network controlle: Broadcom corp. BCM4318 (airforce One) Wireless Lan Controller 54g

There is no doubt that I need to disable the PCI adapter. Tried to do it with some guidance on the web without success.

Link to this post 25 Jul 10

Both my Dell laptops have physical on/off switches, your's is a bit old, but, if not a switch, maybe an enable/disable in bios? I'll see what I can come up with and post back.

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