RE: D-Link DGE-528T

Link to this post 15 Dec 13

According to, this NIC requires a board that "supports the PCI 2.2 spezifikation, because the card can not be used on older mainboard which only support PCI 2.1 (or lower)." Can anyone confirm or refute this? I see no such hardware requirement in any specs for this NIC. I need to know as my Gigabyte motherboards are all 770, 790X, or 790FX chipsets, and so far as I can tell, only use the PCI 2.0. Thanks.

Link to this post 22 Dec 13

According to the d-link website the device is only PCI2.3 compliant, if it is only compliant to that specification then it would not include the backward specs to work on your boards.

Link to this post 22 Dec 13

Thanks! I'll remove DGE-528T from my acquisitions list. Unfortunately that leaves only:
Netgear GA320T
Any idea if either of these will work on my board? Just finding these three required a lot of Google searches, so I'm not to keen to start over.

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