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Set Up 3g modem internet on Arch..

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Hello everyone, I just installed Archlinux, without internet connection because I don't know how to configure the Network options at the installation menu to connect it.. it seems like it just can connect from Ethernet connections, DHCP and Wi-Fi.

Because of this, I donwload the necessary packages from another computer (wvdial, usb_modeswitch, usbutils and modemmanager), and install them on Arch from a USB, with "pacman -U /path/of/the/file.pkg.tar.xz" but now I can't edit the wvdial.conf in the correct way.. I have tried from solutions to other modems, but all I have got is to connect the modem, with the light turned on permanently, but the connection process doesn't get complete.. my modem is a 3g USB modem, Huawei model E156b, the internet provider is Tigo Honduras, the APN: how can I configure it? or can I set it up from the start? at the installation menu??

Link to this post 11 Sep 11

The solid light is stating that the modem is active, but not connected to the network, you will most likely have to contact your ISP to get the baud rate and credentials to complete a successful connection.

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