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Hi, I have a standard home use DSL router with wireless capabilities. I also have cousins and a brother that like to connect to my WIFI with their Ipod Touches. Do guys know of some way I can get request for Internet on my wireless ( and my LAN for that matter ) to go through a server before going to the router? I am taking networking classes in college but I still don't know how to set something like that up. Basically I want so use the server as DNS and some service that will act as parental blocking software. I want all the request their Ipod Touches make for the Internet to go through the sever before the router so I can control what they access online because they like bootlegging movies and porn and stuff and I don't want that type of activity on my network. I'm not letting them use my WIFI again in till I figure out how to do this. Of course I want the server to be Linux so keep that in mind when answering my post, I need to know how to physically set up the topology and Also what I have to do to configure the server. Even reference material will be useful. Thanks in advance.

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What you are talking about is setting up your router to redirect the web traffic to a network based proxy server.

There is an index of Linux based proxy server software at, I generally use squid because that is what I learned on, there is a configuration guide at

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Thanks mfillpot your pretty smart at this stuff

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Yep mfillpot your idea worked. It worked for a while but motherboard got fried ( I think it was a malfunction in the power cable or the power supply box because I heard crackling when I wiggled the power cable. ) after I heard a loud zap sound. Its ok though the computer was like 10 years old or something ( I know I bought it the first year XP was released ) Linux definetly prolonged its useable life.

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I would look into using pfSense. Its a freeBSD router/server all-in-one enterprise grade OS. Its all configurable through the web-gui. The only thing I have found I don't like so far is that your can't edit the rules through iptalbes or any of the usual config files - only a single xml file. The nice thing is its less than a 1gb in size, very fast, very light, and has a lot of really good add-ons. This includes a squid-proxy server. Is this your first router/server? If it is - I recommend pfsense.

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Now that the "server" is dead .... What kind of router do you have? Have you considered installing Linux on the router itself? *wink*

See if you can run Tomoato, or DDWRT, or OpenWRT or Angstrom on it .... You may be able to get the same functionality you wanted with one less piece of hardware ....

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