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Siemens/Speedstream 4200 USB hookup?

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OK, GoinEasy9. No pressure. Just making sure you didn't forget about me:cheer: .


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Have you checked dmesg after hooking the USB cable up to the router and the computer to see if it is being registered with the system and if so what does it display?

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### This is the Speedstream 5200 hi-speed Internet Modem (it's the same as the 4200) ###
[ 2442.960029] usb 2-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 6
[ 2443.146677] usb 2-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice


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well it defaulted to using the uhci_hcd module which is generally used to link to external hard drives via USB. you need to find the usb networking driver that works with that device and mount it through modprobe, unfortunately I have been unable to find the module that would work, I am beginning to doubt if that device can be attached via usbnet to a linux based system, but I am unwilling to give up.

The usbnet module info is at You should be able to modprobe the minidrivers until one works (if one will work), I am believing that the rndis module will be your match.

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I can assure you it can work somehow, because I had an Ubuntu 7.01? machine connected that way. I bought it used and it was already configured. (The source is gone.) Unfortunately, when I upgraded Ubuntu, that part went away and I knew too little about Linux to look for a backed up .conf or something similar.
Thanks for the link; I'm going to check it now. Still one more drawback - I am not home but all my Linux machines are.


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OK, so I brought one of my machines to the 'net and installed Linux Mint 8. It and I am currently connected...

I still don't know enough to install rndis or usbnet. I don't even know what to look for on the web.

BTW, if you can tell me of a tutorial which will take me by the hand (I still know virtually nothing of 'X' systems), I would dance at your next wedding.

I am not a computer newbie. In fact I thought I was quite technically competent, but my use and abuse of Winduhs has really slowed me down. I guess it's sorta like using CB radio - if you CB long enough, your IQ will go to s#^@.:P


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