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Trying to connect to a RealTek Router

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No, my neighbor and I share a network. My wireless internet works for Win7, would that imply that the adapter is physically switched on? Also, I have an all in one pc, sucks, how would I attain access to the internals of the pc when there are no screws? I am using Ubuntu 10.10. Guessing this is the most updated version?

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Hold off on trying to gain internal access of your system. There is a driver that is need for the OS to properly use your off-and-on Realtek Semiconductor RTL81915 switch. Ask this individual about that driver.

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I think the issue is not with the driver, but with the availablity of the wifi card. Does your computer have a switch or button that is used to enable and disable the wifi card?

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I will contact that individual. I have no way of seeing the wifi card, as there is not a way to the internals of an all in one pc, at least not one that I can see.

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