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usb wireless modems in oz

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The modem that Telstra provides is a Sierra aircard 312U. I just now found out from Sierra the instructions on how to get it working with Linux although I am not yet sure whether this is going to work with Linux on an Asus Eeepc.

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Check this out ... Sierra Support using Linux

And let us know if it helps.

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The modem is a Telstra Ultimate (AC 312U) made by Sierra. it turns out that Sierra does provide us with instructions on how to make it work but we have to find it ourselves and doesnt provide any support. The instructions are quite clear though but there is a problem with the modem hanging up which so far alludes us.

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I have a Sierra 595U AirCard that I used for several years on Sprint here in the US with Windows, several versions of Ubuntu Linux, and Mac OSX - never a problem. If you are getting connected, but then it disconnects randomly, perhaps it is one of these problems:

1. The carrier is dropping the connection if it is inactive for awhile.
2. There is a fault in the modem - the fact that it connects means that you don't have a system software problem.
3. Your system is going into sleep or hibernate mode - this causes the connection to be dropped. It may take a number of seconds before it reconnects after the system wakes up. There were problems with this reconnection not happening after sleeping in the past, so that may be an issue (kernel version).
4. How you have configured the connection in the network manager or PPP configuration file(s).

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