wifi on openSUSE

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I have problems with my wifi connection on openSUSE 11.2 64bit (with GNOME).

I configured all with Ndiswrapper, with no problems. But the problem starts with Yast and Network Manager.

Can you help me?

I have a Conceptronic c150ru.

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Well, I tried to configure internet with the terminal, but I can't do it.

First, I wrote iwconfig wlan0 essid (the name of my connection). OK

Secondly, I wrote iwconfig wlan0 key (my WEP key). It didn't work.

I need help.

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I was hoping that an opensuse user would pop up and help, but sine no one has I will take a shot.

What kind of problems are you having with YAST and the Network Manager?
Do you see your loaded driver when you issue the command "ndiswrapper -l"?
Do you see that the ndiswrapper module is loaded when you run "lsmod|grep ndis"?
Do you see any available wireless networks when you open the Network Manager?
What kind of wireless chipset is displayed when you look at hte output of lspci?

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(I don't know why I didn't receive a notification :blink: )

Well, YAST is very difficult to use for me, and when I do the steps of the tutorial ( ), my YAST seems to work in a different way. Network Manager too.

My driver is well loaded.

My ndiswrapper module is also well loaded.

I don't see any wireless networks.

I don't remember my wireless chipset, but I think it's ralink.

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I think you should share the output of "ndiswrapper -l", this will show us what windows drivers are loaded via ndiswrapper.

I have seen in the past some occurrences of ralink and realtek wifi drivers that only work in 32-bit windows and 32-bit Linux distros. If you give us the output of the command I listed we can further research the specific card type and driver to see what issues have been reported.

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Ok, I'll try that later and write here the driver(s).

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