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Wireless Internet is trolling me again.

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When i scan i can see my network as well as a couple other networks. I will attempt to connect, but it merely says wireless internet disconnected.

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Have you confirmed the encryption passphrase and encryption methods are being detected and saved correctly for your home network?

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So I finally fixed it. I reset my router. I logged into linux. I was connected to the internet as if nothing had happend.

Thank you all for your help.

(it drove me nuts i even installed fedora to test it out.)

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That is a great thing. I guess your router's memory froze and wouldn't allow the new connection.

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You know, sometimes it's the simplest things, and, they're so simple that you forget. Twice in the past I've had my wifi stop working, and, because the Ethernet ports on the router were still working, I didn't think to reboot the router. Well, let's make this the third time, because, that should have been the first thing I should have suggested. Geez, forever a Noob. Glad you figured it out.

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