How to install open cloud?

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I just starting to learn open cloud of now.

Can anybody tell me or send me to learn how to's on
installing open cloud?

Ubuntu, Debian, linuxmint are the ones I would like
to use to do this.

Thank You


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Open Cloud is a generic term. There are many large storage companies that offer cloud services, but, you would be syncing your files out in the cloud, and, for me, that decreases my privacy. Owncloud, which allows you to set up a cloud service on your own machine, is the way I would go. If it's not available in your distros repos yet, here's a how-to from the Debian based distro I use, siduction.

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please help me to use the cloud

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GoinEasy9 said:

you would be syncing your files out in the cloud, and, for me, that decreases my privacy.

Well said.

There are countless benefits in establishing your own personal home network(s) and server(s).

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nice thread to teach us how to install it. thanks.

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The general term cloud itself can be quite confusing, just think of it as high redundancy offsite resources.

There is cloud storage which is storing your data in a redundant offsite location which in most cases can easily be synced. This is what owncloud is doing, but it lacks the redundancy.

Then there is cloud computing which is when a virtual machine for an operating system in installed in a cloud cluster machine, which can offer offsite processing, faster processing and it removes location dependence. However to use this platform you must accept that another business is holding your data and can control your cloud machine, due to this I highly recommend reading the terms of service for the services carefully to userstand the potential risk.

Then there are cloud services such as SAAS (Software as a service), which is using the cloud infrastructure to deliver an application through the web browser.

IF you wish to try a cloud computing then please look at the article at for instuctions to start a cloud instance of a linux based machine.

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