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How to connect internet in open suse??

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As you may know, I don't run opensuse because I have had bad experiences with it and I don't like many of the ways they do things, so I cannot help with issues about the branded components within it. That question about auto-updates would be best answered with a new thread in the opensuse sub-forum, we have run through this thread so long that others may not be willing to view this thread and see your new question.

As for the received packets they may only be the standard network communication packets that always transverse your network. If you are really worried about the packets you can run tcpdump or wireshark to grab and analyze the packets. You can also run netstat to view thae status of network ports on your system.

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This tutorial shows how to connect the Suse box through the windows box to the Internet:

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If you are running the Sudo command, make sure that you have the Sudo package.

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