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How to install OpenSuse 11.4 KDE iso through USB

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RickSMO wrote:

ok this is getting ridiculous, I never said anything was wrong with what he was doing, all I did was ask what his goal was. If he was asking me how to get to third operating system avenue and I asked where he was trying to get to; I'd be asking to give advice and possibly a better route.

All I did was ask what he was trying to accomplish, I'm not making a whole new thread or sending a private message to ask such. So lets move on from this, I's stupid I would even have to explain myself over such a simple question.

I agree, lets move on.

I see that some good information has been given to the requester and would like to know if they have been able able to successfully install OpenSuse on their computer.

Link to this post 18 Aug 11


do you have internet access on the host box you are trying to do the installation on?

It might be a good approach for you to try installing OpenSuSE over http from one of the OpenSuSE mirrors, you will need the Start-CD-image, but maybe you can get this to boot from USB as its only a minimal OS.

If you think thats something you might want to try, I can post up some more resources on how to accomplish that.

Hope that helps



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