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drivers for lexmark x75 printer?

Link to this post 07 Dec 10

I am a new linux user. I just installed zorin. I have a lexmark x75 printer. My printer will not work. Will this model of printer work with linux zorin?

Link to this post 07 Dec 10

That printer has been reported to partially work according to the openprinting project -

The page telling about that specific printer is at which includes a link to a driver.

Link to this post 08 Dec 10

Thanks for the reply. I tried the driver suggested but it did not work for me. I will keep trying.

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In my experiences Lexmark printers have very bad compatibility with all operating systems except for windows. In most cases I advise people to ditch the paper-weights known as lexmark printers and move to HP or another product neutral vendor.

I do not delight in saying this, but the chances are that you may never be able to get that printer to work on anything but windows.

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