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Installing a Brother Printer

Link to this post 04 Nov 13

I am running Xubuntu and tried connecting my Brother MFC8460N printer, via USB cable.
If I go to add a printer, it does detect the printer but cannot locate any drivers. The CD that comes with printer is for windows or MAC. Can anyone help me with a step-by-step guide how to install the drivers for this printer?

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It looks like your printer is one of the few that is not supported out of the box, but the manufacturer does have the drivers for *buntu at just look for the deb download.

Link to this post 30 Sep 14

How do I run a Brother printer HL-2240 on my 32bit linuxmint16 cinnamon. It sees printer but when I click print only blank paper comes out. Staples checked printer; it's OK.

Link to this post 01 Oct 14

I appreciate the prompt response but I don't have MFC-8460N, I have a HL-2240; and my PC system is Linux not Windows. Or does it not matter?

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