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Issues for installing Ricoh Aficio SG3100SNw

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You can try a non-debian based Os such as fedora. The purpose of the recommendation is to see if the drivers that you are using in ubuntu are the cause. Where did you get the ppd file from?

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Ok, I will test with fedora.

I get the ppd file from .

The ppd is describe as works perfectly.

I tested the another driver supplied by Ricoh, the pxlcolor at the end of the page and results are same.

I'll test with Fedora asap and I'll feed back you.

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I tested with Fedora this morning and it's same result as with Ubuntu.

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Sorry Fablen, but the printer probably just isn't supported. Two separate, fresh installs of different distros and the only thing that is the same is the printer. You may just have to get a Linux compatible printer.


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I think it is best to rephrase the response, it may be possible to run the printer under non-windows operating systems but it appears that the cups driver that the manufacturer provided does not work properly. You can write the manufacturer to alert of the problem and hopefully they may try to get it fixed.

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First, many thanks for your help. I'll contact Ricoh France to alert them. I'll feed you back when it's resolved.

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