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[Resolved] Xerox Phaser 3140_3155 problems

Link to this post 23 Jun 11

To anyone who has this problem,
Matt Fillpot walked me through this. It's not difficult if you know what you're doing (which I didn't). Download the linux driver from Xerox. Then you need to go into <terminal> and change directories to where the '' file is stored. Then 'sudo sh' Then an installer program opens and walks you through everything. The printer works great! It appears the Xerox download possibly puts and extra 'media' folder in. So, watch and make sure you get all the folder correctly.

Link to this post 23 Jun 11

I am glad that your issue is resolved and that I was able to assist.

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I usually drag and drop the install file onto the terminal, which brings up the exact location of that file immediately, then I press enter, and it starts to install.

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