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auto print email attachments as they arrive

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auto print email attachments as they arrive

why is this so hard to find information on? I used a windows program in my windows computer it worked great untill the 30 days was up

I have tried "Claws mail" it seems to have actions and commands but I am way to nuibie to get how it can be done
I am open to any suggestions

the reason I want this is going to be handy to many and I tell you why - I have a Voip phone and receive all my incoming faxes to my Email as a pdf attachment. I cant be checking my email ever 5 minutes its just impractical.

any help or ideas?

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Shouldn't be that hard with a little scrip. I'm no expert though :(

Maybe someone else can make a little script to send the attachments to your printer (although for that I guess we'll need more information about your system...)

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Gmail, for example, can filter emails with just the "has an attachment" option checked. A cron job that prints everything in a certain folder can print the filtered emails after they're vectored to that folder. I find it inherently dangerous to print out all attachments, but, it all depends on how your filters work. It may be easier than you think.

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I have been using linux mint - I have an email address that only gets messages sent by my Faxmail so every email has a PDF attachment - how do I make a cron job?

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I do not have any guidance to offer, but the like the idea of this task. I have forwarded info about this request to a knowledgeable group I know and hopefully someone will come offer guidance.

Link to this post 08 Sep 10

My inquiry to outside users has yielded responses and confirmation that it has been done. I am currently awaiting a confirmation from the responders that I can repost their responses.

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