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Distributions for Scientific Computing

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Does anyone know of distributions which excel for those of working in fields involve scientific/mathematical computing - ie. preconfigured with all the compilers (almost all distributions would have this of course), numerical libraries, graphics visualization tools, mpi, etc. ??

R Haynes

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Well, I'm not expert but as a reference I would tell you that the MareNostrum (a supercomputer at my University) runs Suse linux...

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What GoinEasy9 said, try Scientific Linux. It is a RHEL derived distribution maintained by the high energy physics community and is widely used world-wide for scientific research, data acquisition, data analysis, and just general use. My wife even uses it on her Toshiba netbook computer (she is a particle physicist at a major accelerator lab).

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What are you trying to do? Single desktop? Server? Cloud? If you are looking into doing FLOPs then you should look at what this Professor did with just a few PS3s and Linux. Or, password crackers use Linux on a single gaming machine while running SLIed graphics cards for the GPUs (ref:Using multiple graphics cards as a general purpose parallel computer: applications to computer vision by Fung, J. Mann) I saw it at Defcon cracking away, damn thing was so fast. Its a Black Hats wet dream!

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