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I have become a bit disenchanted with Thunderbird/Lightning recently and was wondering if there are any other viable alternatives out there. I am looking specifically for a PIM app, but a decent email app w/ built in PIM would be OK, too.

What do you use?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Link to this post 18 Nov 10
Link to this post 18 Nov 10

It is good to see that you found what you were looking for, I am sorry that I did not respond but I use websites for e-mail instead of a client. I have lost too many e-mail when I decide to reimage my system and forget about the archives.

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You leave your important emails on someone else's server? Ooooh! Not me. That's too much like... GASP! computing. ;)

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To me, nothing important is relayed by paper or data. 99% of what goes to me is trash, everything else gets trashed after it is read, I'm not overly concerned about email.

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If it's important to me, hard copy is the ONLY way to store it. I read and delete all my emails, eventually. The important ones get printed out and filed somewhere. :)

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