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MySQL and Apache tuning

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My company has got a server with several databases running in it. Each of the database is at least 20MB in size or even more.
It uses MySQL server to run the databases of course, and Apache as the web server.

My question is, because of the increased databases, I assume more space is occupied in the MySQL server. is this correct?
So is it advisable to tune MySQL so that the performance would be better? Does the same go for Apache server?

When do I have to actually perform the tuning?

What type of performance tuning do I have to perform for 3 to 4 MySQL databases, each about 20 MB in size?

What if there were 10 - 20 databases of 20 MB sizes each/

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20 x 20MB = 400MB which is not that big of a database. I have worked with ones of well over 100GB without problems. In your case, it is likely that tuning will be a null-sum game. Ie, no perceived benefit. The biggest benefit would be by making sure that the data is contiguous on the disc. To assure that, either pre-size the database, or copy it so that the operating system will try to make it as contiguous as possible. This is likely if your disc has adequate free space. It's sort of like defragmenting on a Windows system.

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