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NEdit and disabling auto indent

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Yes, I suppose I *could* do that (i verified that Fedora 10 at least does not exhibit this bug). I have no special apps that would not work if i upgraded, but the last time i tried an in-place upgrade of Fedora, it was a very un-funny Comedy of Errors.

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I understand that situation. I had to upgrade my workstation recently from CentOS 5.5 to Scientific Linux (RHEL) 6. Much suffering and gnashing of teeth at first, but now I wouldn't go back for anything! :-) Sometimes you just have to pay the piper!

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I suppose that the language preferences take precedence over the default preferences
For example, if you edit a perl script, you have to modify this line of the file ~/.nedit/nedit.rc to suppress autoindent .pm .p5 .PL:"^[ \\t]*#[ \\t]*!.*perl":Auto:None:::".,/\\\\`'!$@#%^&*()-=+{}[]"":;<>?~|":\n\
will become .pm .p5 .PL:"^[ \\t]*#[ \\t]*!.*perl"::None:::".,/\\\\`'!$@#%^&*()-=+{}[]"":;<>?~|":\n\

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