CentOS issue

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is there a reason I would have a problem installing CentOS 5.5 netinstall x86_64 bit version on a system with Ubuntu server 10.10 already on it?

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As long as space it available you should not have any issues with installation.

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ok I was attempting it at school last night and was not able to install centos for some reason. I'm currently on a dual boot system with windows 7 and ubuntu server. I'm going to make this a quad boot system with Windows 7, Ubuntu Server, CentOS, and Windows 2008 Server.

Soon as I get a chance i'll attempt the install again and write down the error message I get so you guys will have a better idea of what might be causing it.

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It would also help to know your drive/partitioning scheme. In other words... How many hard drives? How big? How many partitions? Size of partitions? Etc.

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1x1TB drive, 600 GB to Windows 7, 100 GB each to the rest with a 13GB swap space (I know the swap space is rediculous).

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The resources sound sufficient, we will need to see your error messages to help further.

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