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How do I set up wireless on Centos?

Link to this post 06 May 11

How do I set up wireless on Centos?

Link to this post 06 May 11

You can start by listing all ethernet devices detected by the kernel:

lspci|grep -i eth

Then, to see if you have any wireless devices that have already had their kernel drivers loaded:

If you can't find iwconfig, install the wireless-tools package (yum install wireless-tools). If iwconfig reports a device with wireless extensions, then you're half-way there. Report back and we'll help you associate w/an SSID, enter a Key, etc.

If you don't, you'll need to get the proper driver loaded. Try this site for help:


What version of CentOS are you using?
What is the vendor/model of your wireless adapter hardware?

Link to this post 06 May 11

The version of Centos is 5.6. The model of the hardware and Intel (see the reference to it)
The computer is a toshiba and Centos detected the wireless card can not ativala more.

Link to this post 06 May 11

Sorry, see the reference to it where? Can you copy-and-paste the output of those commands from your terminal to this thread?

Link to this post 08 May 11

ok. I will try and explore the site to me because I see that site is very good.

Link to this post 09 May 11

You may also want to look at wicd, it is what I use in slackware, it has both a curses a a gui interface. You can install it from the fedora package on

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