I need a media player!

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I have finally gotten CentOS 6.0 64 bit installed!
I want to start my training with the DVD's I ordered, but there is one problem...I cannot play any DVD's on this OS. I am thinking it just doesn't have one to start with. I have heard of "xine", but I don't understand how to download it.

Can anyone please help me install a media player. Please give me links and easy to understand directions, because I'm completely new to this. I'm just so used to a more user friendly operating system.

Thanks in advance.

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You can find instructions for installing various media players at , and the instructions for installing the DVD decryption library is at

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Sorry if I come off ignorant, but I just don't understand what the directions are saying. I don't understand code yet and it seems that I have to input some code to install it. Can you please explain it how to install it, but as if you are explaining it for someone who is only used to Windows or complete beginner.

I appreciate your help.

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Might want to give Ubuntu a try, it's just as powerful and may be easier for you. Most people coming from windows these days use ubuntu first, get used to linux, then branch out if they want/need.

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I am not a Fedora or Centos user, so I do not know the specific if errors happen, so I will leave this question to GoinEasy9.

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Now that you mention it I think GoinEasy9 gave me an easy solution to this issue when I was running Fedora... I'll post it if I can find it.

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