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Mounting Linux Share location

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Aloha all,

one of these days I’m going to get the handle on Linux....

I’m having a issue, I am busy creating a backup process for a 2 way backup to happen.
Currently a windows machine is backing up a location from a linux server.

Now I want to have the Linux system back it up for a overlay period, so busy creating cronjobs etc etc..
Now issue is when I want to mount the location.
I took the mount command I’m using out of the .sh I created with the logins and cp commands etc, and tested it but still no dice.

What I’m getting is this.

[code=Linux][root@mz-backup root]# /bin/mount -t smbfs -o username=<userName>,password=<Password> //mz-server1/Backup_Windows/backup /mzpine/
Could not resolve mount point /mzpine/
[root@mz-backup root]#[/code]

Also tried replacing the servername with its IP same issue.
I can ping the IP from this machine no issues.

Any suggestions / Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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The error message is stating that it cannot find the mount point that you specified. Are you sure that directory /mzpine exists on that particular system?

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Make sure that the mount point exits and use absolute path for the mount point, if the mount point "mzpine" is not in the current location.

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Hey Guys/Girls sorry for the LONG as responce time on this one.
Been busy studying got to write exams soon.

OK I figure that one error now having issues

[root@mz-backup /]# /bin/mount -tsmtbfs -o username=sao,password=Passw0rd // /mz-pine_temp/
mount: fs type smtbfs not supported by kernel

How the monkeys you find the right tag line for the -t option?

Thanks, sorry Im being a ass I know.

Link to this post 27 Jan 11

Hi mfillpot thanks that gave me the info I needed, sorry for the late responce to this.

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