NTFS on Red Hat

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Ok, so I am not really a noob to Linux but I just cannot seem to get my 1.0TB external hard drive to mount in Red Hat. Can someone please help with this problem. I would like to back up my server to this external HD so I can put my backups in a safe place.

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Do you have ntfs-3g installed? I use fedora and have no problems attaching external HD's. I don't have Red Hat installed and I'm wondering if ntfs-3g is installed by default.

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Yeah, its installed. But, yet it still won't work. I had it working before but I had to rebuilt the server and could not remember how I did it before. Thanks for the idea though.

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if it is installed then your automount application (most likely HAL) is not correctly configured to autodetect devices. You can manually mount it using "ntfs-3g {volume} {mount point}", read the ntfs-3g manual to see what options you have available with this command.

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I think you should amount ntfs system,whatever remote host or local host.

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