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RHEL 5 32 bit hardware compatibility

Link to this post 31 Jul 10

Does RHEL5 32 bit O.S supports : ( dual-quad server )

RAM limit : MAX of 16 GB

Hard disk limit : 8 TB to 16 TB

Dual Quad Core processor


Red Hat Enterprise Linux (former ES) (limited to 2 CPU-s)

Means up to 2 sockets ( 2 physical CPU's ). Right ?

Link to this post 31 Jul 10

If you read the product comparison at, you will see the following note.

[1] Red Hat defines physical CPUs equivalently to sockets, so a multi-core and/or hyperthreading CPU is counted as a single socket when determining which subscription to purchase

On the same page it notes:
[4] Red Hat defines a logical CPU as any schedulable entity. So every core/thread in a multi-core/thread processor is a logical CPU

So what this means is that with your dual quad-core system you will be running 8 logical processors, the x86 (32-bit) version can handle up to 32 logical processors.

However I would recommend looking at using the AMD64/Intel64 verison which would better utilize the multi-core processors you have installed.

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